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Remedial Pilates

We have developed a Spine Care Programme that incorporates modified Pilates, core stability exercises and postural alignment techniques. The programme last for six weeks and we restrict class sizes to just three patients per session, allowing for lots of individual attention.

The programme considers all aspects of each individual's needs and condition. The classes are progressive and focus upon the treatment and prevention of back pain or injury.

What are Modified Pilates?

Modified Pilates is the culmination of years of both physiotherapy and Pilates training. The technique provides Physiotherapists and equivalent degeree therapists with a clinical and user friendly tool for retraining correct activation of the Multifidus, TrA muscles and pelvic floor muscles. It consists of a progressive repertoire of mat based exercises designed specifically for Physiotherapists and equivalent degree therapsits to teach to the clinical population. The key elements of Modified Pilates include retraining:

  • Neutral lumbo-pelvic alignment and activation of the key lumbo-pelvic stabilising muscles
  • Correct ribcage / thoracic alignment
  • Scapulo-thoracic stabilisation
  • Deep neck flexor retraining to stabilise the cervical spine

Modified Pilates exercises also include exercises to improve spinal mobility, flexibility of the key trunk and lower limb muscles groups, body awareness and postural awareness.


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