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Here’s our immune boosting protocol to keep you feeling great!

OK, so I hope everyone’s feeling a bit less anxious about Coronavirus following on from our last blog. Perspective is key, and keeping a level head essential. 

Think back to the days of the bubonic plague…

Whilst known as the deadliest known epidemic in history, it turns out the Black Death did not kill indiscriminately, as popular wisdom holds. Instead it targeted people who were in a weakened state to begin with.

Remember, father of the ‘germ theory’ and pasteurisation debunked his own beliefs by confessing on his deathbed, “the Germ is nothing, the terrain is everything”.

A compromised immune system happens due to:

  1. Emotional stress – we have plenty of media induced hysteria right now.
  2. Poor nutrition – tinned food and pasta do NOT build healthy immune responses.
  3. Physical/structural problems – creating dysfunctional communication throughout the nervous system pushes our body into the prolonged immune suppressing fight/flight mode.

These stressors collectively weaken the body allowing invading pathogens to overwhelm it and resulting in illness and disease.
Remember, that infections of ANY kind can only take hold if your immune system is struggling.

So, here’s what we do to keep functioning at top level…

  1. Drink plenty of water – we all know this already, but can we all attest to actually drinking enough water. It’s hugely important (especially considering your body as a whole is circa 60% water). So get drinking….
  2. Eat nutritious food – Whether it’s paleo, the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting. Did you know Hunter/Gatherers didn’t suffer with disease as we do today, they either died because they were killed (either by a beast or at the hands of one another), or, they died from infection introduced by wounds. Those who escaped both, died of ‘old age’. Making sure you eat right maximises your nutritional intake to allow your body the resources i needs to fight infection and repair tissues.
  3. Take immune boosting supplements – if you think you get everything you need from food, think again…… and is your body even assimilating all your food properly? Keep reading to find out what my top 5 supplements are!
  4. Keep exercising – exercise boosts the immune system, keeps you mobile and gives you a nice release of endorphins (your happy hormone). We always recomend at least 3 sessions of moderate-high intensity exercise per week and plenty of low intensity mobility (e.g. walking, yoga) in between times.
  5. Spending time with family – surround yourself with those you care about so that you can live, love and laugh – remember, joy and laughter boost immunity. Fear and panic kills it.
  6. Keeping well adjusted, of course! A well moving spine positively influences the nerve pathways to the brain, stimulating the pre-frontal cortex, thus lowering cortisol and BOOSTING immunity!

It’s really that simple…

If I can  do it, so can you. So, for starters here’s my top 5 immune boosting supplements:

  1. Vitamin D3/K2 – Getting sunshine in the UK can be a rare treat, so we need to get the benefits of Vitamin D without it! D3 should always be taken with companion vitamin, K2. This improves the impact of D3 and absorption. Good levels of the D3/K2 also offer protection against respiratory infections.
  2. Vitamin C – A SUPER antioxidant and great “food” for the lungs.
  3. Pre/probiotics – to strengthen the gut, which supports immune function. If you have EVER been exposed to antibiotics, then you have some level of imbalance in the beneficial gut bacteria, and this needs to be replenished.
  4. Turmeric – Almost a panacea, this is one of my favourite “go to” supplements. Curcumin (the compound within turmeric) helps modulate and even enhance your white blood cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body as a whole.
  5. Ginger – Tastes great, good for you and has a nice spicy kick. I love adding it to any juices, smoothies and curries.

We have these supplements in the practice, if you need to get stocked up!

AND, don’t forget about the cornerstone to good function in the body – a healthy nervous system. If it’s been a while since you last adjustment and you want to get back on track, just give us a call and we can get you booked in and fighting fit again.

Mark Fairclough


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