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Coronavirus Survival Guide!

My top tips for surviving the coronavirus pandemic…. Did you know that coronavirus has been around for a long time?

What’s different about this particular strain COVID-19 is that it hasn’t been observed in humans until now and there lies a level of uncertainty of how humans will respond to exposure to this new strain.

However, the SAME can be said about seasonal ‘flu – each year we have a ‘NEW’ ‘flu strain and yet, the arrival of seasonal flu each year doesn’t encite the panic that we are seeing with the herald of coronavirus.

So, who is most at risk of getting coronavirus infection?

Anyone who has a compromised immune system will be susceptible to infection by coronavirus, including the elderly – the very same populations who are susceptible to the ‘flu. 

We have a vaccine for ‘flu, right? But not for coronavirus…

Yes, each year we see a new flu vaccine rolled out, but according to Cochrane (the gold standard database of research reviews) the lowered risk of influenza in older people as a result of receiving the ‘flu vaccine is only between 2.4 – 6%. It is ridiculously low!!

Even if a vaccine for coronavirus is developed ‘in time’, is there any guarantee it will be efficacious? Is 2.4 – 6% really considered a success??

Here’s the thing…..

The panic surrounding the coronavirus is creating a contagion of fear that is actually increasing our risk of getting sick!!

Why is the fear increasing our risk of infection, you may wonder? Let me explain…

Our nervous system controls and regulates everything in the body including our immune system. We have two aspects to our nervous system;

1. Flight/fight mode – where we respond to imminent or perceived threat.

Fear switches our body into fight or flight mode, so we can no longer think rationally and our behaviour follows accordingly. Panic stops you looking at helpful information, and instead we become defensive and reactionary.

Stress also leads to an increase in cortisol which has a depressing and weakening effect on our immune system. We have all experienced the effects of prolonged stress and know how it can lower our resistance leading to increased susceptibility to infection.

2. Rest/digest mode – we are relaxed as there is no threat, real or imagined

Levels of cortisol are lowered, and our immune defenses strengthened, thus increasing our resistance to invading pathogens.

Our response to our environment both physiologically and emotionally is balanced and measured.

So, what can we do and how does Chiropractic fit into the equation?

Let’s go back to the flu epidemic of 1917-18. Chiropractic was first linked to the immune system during the deadly ‘flu epidemic in the early 1900’s. Following a study which was reported In ‘Psychology Today’: 

“The data reported that flu victims under chiropractic care had an estimated 0.25% death rate, a lot less than the normal rate of 5% among flu victims who did not receive chiropractic care.”

How does Chiropractic have this effect?

Movement in the spine changes your body’s response to a challenge due to its effect on the nervous system. Normal movement in the spine sends signals into the brain which responds to send messages to the body asking it to adapt in an appropriate way to its environment.

In your body you have’ killer cells’ and cells that recognise ‘self’ from ‘non-self’, and when your body is exposed to a virus, the body’s response is one of adaptation. The development of a fever aims to kill off the pathogen and is a healthy immune response. Coughing helps to eliminate the pathogens from the airways, and fatigue during infection is a sign your body is waging war on the invaders.

When you have problems with movement in the spine, the body doesn’t adapt efficiently to its environment and it becomes overwhelmed making it susceptible to disease.

By receiving chiropractic adjustments to spine to normalise movement, you are in fact allowing this normal spinal function to send messages to a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, thus stimulating it. This sends messages to the body to lower levels of cortisol, which in turn promotes good immune responsiveness, and decreased susceptibility to viral infections!

Other things you can do to boost your immune system are:

1. Stay hydrated – dehydration leads to increased cortisol levels and lowers immunity.
2. Keep moving – this increases your lymphatic function and clears out bugs from your body. Exercise also decreases stress, thereby boosting your immune system. Taking a brisk walk in fresh air and in the sunshine is ideal.
3. Maintain a healthy diet – lots of vegetables and berry fruits will keep your body supported with essential immune boosting vitamins. Vitamin C – is a wonderful immune booster (we are well stocked up in the practice!) Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin. Adequate levels of vitamin D3 are highly protective against viral infections (we have plenty of vitamin D3 in stock too!)
4. Get a good nights sleep – this is when the body recovers most, so getting a good sleep is key to a speedy recovery.

What NOT to do..
1. Relying on tinned food and pasta for nutrition – these will WEAKEN your immune system.
2. Staying indoors and depriving yourself of fresh air and sunshine – you can still ‘self isolate’ without imprisoning yourself! Stop exercising – even if your are ‘self isolating’, just keep moving! ALWAYS remember this…

Louis Pasteur, who developed the ‘germ theory’ and pasteurization confessed on his death bed –

   “The Germ is nothing, the Terrain is everything”

Meaning, the health of the host is the most important thing. A germ cannot flourish in a healthy body.

Oh, and by the way…

Coronavirus does NOT give you diarrhoea – no need to clear the shelves of loo paper!!


GIVE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM A BOOST WITH A CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT!! Just hit the button below and we’ll get your booked in!

Yours in health

Mark and the team

PS: Don’t forget to pop in to get your immune boosting Vitamins C and D3!

PPS: Chiropractic is inclusive and for all ages!

PPPS: Keep calm & carry on!!


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