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Healthy Pancake Toppings.

Healthy Ways to Pimp your Pancakes 
by Jamie Oliver

1. Sliced blood orange, crumbled hard ricotta & orange zest
2. Wilted spinach, ricotta, lemon zest & extra virgin olive oil
3. Almond butter, finely chopped almonds, raspberries & honey
4. Cottage cheese, chopped fresh herbs, streaky bacon, lemon zest & mixed seeds
5. Blackberries & honey
6. Sliced figs, Parma ham, rocket & extra virgin olive oil
7. Roasted rhubarb, pistachios & honey
8. Tahini yoghurt, feta, pomegranate seeds & fresh coriander
9. Roasted cherry tomatoes, rocket & quality balsamic vinegar
10. Smoked salmon, sliced avocado, fresh chives & lime juice
11. Sliced kiwi fruit, passion fruit & sunflower seeds
12. Greek yoghurt, blueberries, poppy seeds, orange zest & fresh mint
13. Sliced mango, coconut yoghurt, coconut shavings & lime zest
14. Sliced figs, Greek yoghurt & orange zest
15. Almond butter & sliced strawberries
16. Sliced banana & grated dark chocolate
17. Grated fresh fruit salad & fresh mint


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