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Patient Testimonials

Quotes from our patients

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Paul Kemp, Railway Signalman

"I personally am so delighted I made the first step to come into such a quality professional health care clinic as this!"

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Lee Stevens, Local Shopkeeper

"It is the best thing I have ever done coming here! I have pain relief and I know how to control and deal with my pain — drug free!"

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Mary Sims

"In 2007, when I was 70 years old, I slipped and my knee was twisted, causing an internal tear. My knee was x-rayed at Frimley Park Hospital, where they operated on it the next day. After the operation I was told that I might not walk properly again. However, with Dr Glenn Duffy and the rest of the team at Care for Health I was able to function again after about one year's treatment.

Four years on, I am walking five-mile rambles again, including climbing over stiles, and I am enjoying Pilates, yoga and swimming"

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Dr Terence Nicholls, Teacher

"A life-changing recommendation. I am running again after thinking I would have to give it up. Dr. Duffy answered questions and solved problems when a dozen others had failed."

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Joseph Lofthouse, Driving Instructor

"Regular treatment has given me a new lease of life for my bad back!"

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Mrs Mumtaz for Noah, Young Rugby Fiend!

"Thanks to Glenn and Rosa they sorted out Noah's 'Sever's Disease' quick enough to get him back to rugby within five weeks. He is one happy boy but the opposition is not!"

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Lee Steves

"Coming to Care for Health was the best decision I ever made. If I had not come here then I would have been doing as my GP told me, resting in a corner, taking painkillers, and getting worse, and doing nothing active about my health. Instead you taught me how to take action, how to take control of my own health and well being"

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Ben Moser, Nutrition Consultant

"Having explored many different avenues for my back it was nice to finally meet a professional who talked my language"

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Caroline Campbell, Businesswoman

"I am pretty evangelical about my chiropractic care with Dr. Duffy"

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Stewart Guynan

"Alex treated me after I was knocked off my bicycle. I have looked forward to sessions with Alex, knowing that the treatment and exercise he sets will quicken my recovery. He has been a key part in my return to competition, where I recently set PBs in two events on the same weekend."

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Alex Stone, Marketing Consultant

"I have had my eyes well and truly opened to the wonderful world of healthy eating. Not only has Charlotte given me a motivation boost with her can-do attitude but she has also imparted a wealth of nutritional knowledge that I can actually fit into my life."

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Richard Jones, Head of International, Diary Crest

"Her ability to understand my true individual needs and adapt her skills and knowledge accordingly was first class."

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Mrs C

"I would recommend the 5-Tech scan to anyone who is having treatment. My treatment and exercise plans are much more effective now."

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Simon Cutmore, Associate Director

"A year ago, I had to pull out of yet another long run and abandon a marathon at the half way point, due to pain around the outside of the knee and hip. Exactly one year later, and with appropriate exercises and orthotics from Care for Health, I completed the same marathon without so much as a twinge."

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Tim Bloomfield

"Some years ago I was on the verge of giving up all physical activity, tennis, golf, and gardening. Thanks to Dr Duffy and the pilates/sports therapy classes at Care for Health, I am still playing league tennis and participating in all the other physical activities I enjoy."

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Clayton Payne

"I have been seeing Dr. Duffy for over three years now. Every time I get an injury he either fixes me or recommends the best person to see if he believes I would benefit from another opinion. Not only is my back better, I am getting injured less and running faster 32 minute 10 km runs and decreasing!"

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