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Ben Payne

MChiro — Doctor of Chiropractic

"Every client should be treated as if they were a member of my family"

Clinic Director and Chiropractor Dr Ben Payne is consistently helping people with all kinds of different health issues with the same impressive outcomes. Dr Ben provides chiropractic, weight loss, pain management and injury rehabilitation services alongside a team of health specialists that have been professionally head hunted to ensure every client is given the upmost quality of care. A quote Dr Ben lives by each day — "satisfied clients don't refer, enthusiastic clients with incredible results refer"

Having worked initially as a fitness consultant and competitive tennis player, Dr Ben trained as a Chiropractor due to a passion for the human body and witnessing amazing results of patients with years of long standing chronic pain now pain free and living active lives. He discovered that Chiropractic and sports therapy is so much more than treating back pain and has much more to offer, such as helping people increase their vitality, giving people more energy to play with the kids, having a great night's sleep and reducing discomfort when working.

"My primary aim is always to assist clients becoming free from pain as soon as possible and reduce the impact on daily living. My secondary aim is to ensure that the client remains pain-free and leads a healthier lifestyle. If I feel that chiropractic cannot help I will refer to the appropriate specialist."

Dr Ben has worked in and operated clinics for many years in London, Algarve in Portugal as well as Madrid and is an expert in arthritis, weight loss, fatigue, back pain and headaches, having attended post-graduate courses all over Europe. He has a passion for helping people reach their optimal health safely and naturally without the need for painkillers, and constantly enriching his knowledge using the most advanced techniques.

Dr Ben is a healthy eater and believes in small regular meals utilising a lot of fibre and slow burning carbohydrates. "I regularly create vegetable juice recipes that I have alongside a balanced diet to keep me full with important super foods."

When he's not taking care of his clients, or speaking about optimising their health and lives, you can find Dr Ben connecting with friends at a local cafe or travelling around the UK and beyond with his wife Teresa.

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