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About Us

About Us

Meet the Team

Portrait Ben Payne

Ben Payne

MChiro — Doctor of Chiropractic

Clinic Director and Chiropractor Dr Ben Payne is consistently helping people with all kinds of different health issues with the same impressive outcomes. Dr Ben provides...   [Continue Reading]

Portrait Mark Fairclough

Mark Fairclough

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Fairclough was introduced to Chiropractic during his early teens, when he sought help for "growing pains". After experiencing first-hand the amazing benefits of treatment...   [Continue Reading]

Portrait Bridget Higgs

Bridget Higgs

BSc MSc MSST — Sports Therapist

Bridget's passion for rehabilitation began during her original degree in Sport and Exercise Science. She was inspired when she observed exercise therapists treat patients...   [Continue Reading]

Portrait Adam Harrison

Adam Harrison

Sports Therapist

Having had his football career cut short by a severe knee injury, Adam is passionate about getting you fit, not just to get active again, but to stay active and injury-free...   [Continue Reading]

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