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    May 26th 2017

    ‘I did it, I did it, I did it’, these were the words that I repeated over and over again as I crossed the finish line of the Virgin London Marathon 2017. Four months of training, 26.2 miles behind me and 4hrs 58 minutes 30 seconds of running. To...   [Continue Reading]

  • Chirokids: Chiropractic Care For Kids

    May 18th 2017

    Everyday more and more people are beginning to discover the benefits of chiropractic care coming to see our chiropractors at Care for Health for back pain, neck pain, headaches and sciatica. One thing many people don’t realize is that you’re never too young or too old to benefit from the treatment...   [Continue Reading]

  • Rethink Chiropractic

    May 5th 2017

    Most people look at chiropractic as a treatment for their back pain, sciatica or neck pain. But did you realize that the pain relief you feel after an adjustment is secondary to something more extraordinary going on. The philosophy behind chiropractic is removing interference within the nerves and restoring...   [Continue Reading]

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