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March 2017

  • The Case for Drinking More Water

    March 24th 2017

    Everybody knows it is important to drink enough water, but does that mean we actually do? There are a lot of people that mistakenly believe that drinking things such as coffee, soda, juice and tea can be a substitute for drinking plain water. However, it doesn’t even come close...   [Continue Reading]

  • Don’t Fear the ‘POP’

    March 15th 2017

    It’s not uncommon and really not surprising that some people would be afraid to be adjusted. It’s different and unfamiliar and you’re trusting someone to make a rapid movement to your spine which usually creates a loud crack. How could someone possibly remain calm with this going on? The...   [Continue Reading]

  • Marathon Update: Running in the Rain!

    March 7th 2017

    So the past couple of weeks have been challenging, especially on the weather front! With storm Doris and Ewan to contend with running has been much, much harder. The mid-week runs are now up to 8 miles and the weekend runs are getting ever longer with last weekend reaching...   [Continue Reading]

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